Videoaufzeichnung Games are the Future of Advertising

In his web seminar, Krzysztof Kania will dive into the world of computer games, which has been around for close to 50 years. Funny enough that we still consider them the untamed frontier for advertising!

Krzysztof will elaborate on why they are still considered the future of ads and how difficult the road to get there is going to be. 



Here is what you will learn about in this web seminar: 

  • Review of the history of in-game advertising over the last 50 years and analysis of the multiple rises and falls of the industry – some of them from much earlier than you would think! 

  • Technical advancement is a significant focus and will be discussed in the context of the expectations of players, developers, and advertisers throughout the 70s, all the way to the current decade. 

  • Recent developments in the world of mobile gaming resulted in an advertising reality completely different than what was envisioned a decade ago, while still delivering an incredible rise in sector revenue. This phenomenon will be discussed in depth. 

Join this entertaining and exciting web seminar with Krzysztof Kania! 

The web seminar will be held in English.


Über Krzysztof Kania

Krzysztof Kania ist Soziologe und stellvertretender Direktor bei eye square. Mit 15 Jahren Erfahrung in UX Design und Forschung konzentriert sich Krzysztof darauf, fortschrittliche technologiebasierte Markt- und UX-Forschungsmethoden in Polen, Tschechien, der Slowakei und Ungarn einzuführen und Marktforschung für Gaming zu betreiben. Vor eye square arbeitete Krzysztof als Head of UX bei StepStone.

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