29.11.2023 - 14:00 Uhr (30 Min.) Mastering Innovation: Hansgrohe's Case Study on Revealing Consumers' True Purchase Intent for New Products

Together with Rachel Leow, Innovation Lead at Hansgrohe, Horizon Founder & CEO Daniel Putsche will provide hands-on insights into the behavioural and quantitative approach of uncovering the true purchase intent from a target audience, sourced via social networks onto landing pages for any kind of strategic consumer product decision. The presentation will cover:

  • Overview of the approach
  • How/where to integrate this kind of research into existing processes
  • Case-Study for the Hansgrohe product
  • Questions

If you are working in innovation (from junior to senior level), consumer insights, or product management, this session will make you rethink how you are approaching decision-making.

[english, 30 min]

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