Videoaufzeichnung From MaxDiff to Max Adoption: How to Derive Winning Feature Combinations With CRIS

Customers are generally not won over by a single product feature. Instead, people choose the product that has their favorite combination of features. If we know the most appealing combinations of features for potential customers, we can design products and services with maximum reach . But how do we determine which feature combinations are most impactful when lists of potential features are particularly long and other analysis techniques come with caveats and limitations? And exactly how much adoption or reach can we achieve ?

We will present our own solution to these challenges: the Combined Reach of Item Sets (CRIS) tool. It uses simple rule-based calculations that can be applied by anybody with basic Excel skills. We will demonstrate how you can easily apply this tool to MaxDiff (and other preference) data to determine winning product feature combinations. Our demonstration will include a look at the inner workings of the CRIS tool and best practice examples from recent, real-life projects where it has been applied.

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