Videoaufzeichnung Daily Keynote: How to prevent survey fraud and assure data quality?

Studies based on fraudulent survey data can have disastrous consequences for companies. High-quality data must be at the heart of survey research, but time and again there are cases where ambition and reality are far from each other. However, how can bad data sets be identified and corrected? And how can the situation be improved for survey participants who have to suffer through long and repetitive questionnaires?

International market research associations have started an initiative about four areas:

  1. Fraud detection – tracking the prevalence of fraudulent survey completions by humans or bots and outlining best fraud detection and mitigation practices
  2. Data quality in qualitative research
  3. Identification and mitigation of bias
  4. Improvement of research participant experience

Moderated by Holger Geissler, Managing Director of, the following experts will discuss:

  • Judith Passingham has worked in market research for over 40 years, among others as CEO at TNS Europe and COO at Ipsos, before being appointed Chair of ESOMAR's Professional Standards Committee in 2019.
  • Florian Kögl is founder and CEO of ReDem, a start-up dedicated to the quality assurance of survey data. He is also a board member of the Austrian Market Research Association.
  • Andrew Cayton is Executive VP at Purespectrum, a platform that provides access to survey panels in +65 countries. Previously, he held various management positions at Kantar, including COO of sampling.

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