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Global Market Research 2018 is the 30th annual industry study undertaken by ESOMAR, in cooperation with BDO Accountants & Advisors. The report reviews the size and performance of the market research industry and explores how the research market continuous to expand, using data collected by national research associations, leading companies, independent analysts, as well as ESOMAR representatives. The report is widely used as a point of reference for business investment plans, growth opportunities, merger and acquisition preparation, research projects, academic theses, market studies and reports, as well as advertisements. This year's report includes the research turnover and growth data of more than 90 countries.

  • The only global report collecting market size data - making it the industry standard for (local) market size measurements;
  • The only report that presents global and regional aggregates, and country-level market size and growth statistics;
  • Provides a multi-country overview of research spend breakdowns, allowing for easy country comparisons;
  • Is the most detailed report in terms of global research spend breakdowns;
  • Used as a global reference for market research turnover and growth data.
  • ESOMAR's analysis of the market developments across our global industry, based on data gathered from over 90 countries;
  • Informative interviews with over a dozen industry experts and leaders on topics ranging from the philantropic side of market research, to the increasing role of automation, to the challenges of an industry in flux;
  • An explanatory overview of the Top 50 Companies of the industry from AMA's Diane Bowers.
Additionally this year's edition also features:
  • An analysis of the broader reaches of the market research industry beyond traditional boundaries in collaboration with Outsell Inc.;
  • An overview of the biggest industry news from the past 18 months;
  • Analytical breakdowns and metrics according to region, sector, method and more!

1. Highlights

This chapter offers insight on the behaviour of the industry for 2017, looking at results and trends for the world, the world’s regions and the most noteworthy countries, as well as a view on types of clients, methods and projects.

1.1 The top line

1.2 Regional profiles


North America

Asia Pacific

Latin America


Middle East

1.3 Five largest markets

1.4 International subcontracting, projects and clients

1.5 Spend by client type

1.6 Spend by research method

1.7 Outlook for 2018

1.8 New approaches to market research

2. The challenges of an industry in flux

Market forces dictate that the insights industry needs to get better, faster and cheaper. Clients demand it and the technology is here to enable it. As a result, the sector is currently in a state of flux that will see it transformed radically.

3. The consolidation of automation

Automation is changing the way insights are collected, analysed and activated. We speak to some of the pioneering insights suppliers that have made an impact in recent times, and ask them if they even feel part of the research industry?

4. Artificial Intelligence… friend or foe?

Not too long ago Artificial Intelligence, machines thinking for themselves, was the domain of science fiction B-movies. Today the technology has penetrated countless sectors. What are the implications for market research?

5. The true added-value of data philanthropy

When talking about market research we usually discuss its commercial applications. Less is known about its contribution to the common good, even though development is a multi-billion sector. We ask several non-profits how data supports them.

6. Top 50 Companies

Excerpted from the AMA Gold Top 50 report

7. World’s 10 largest companies

Overview of the behaviour of the top 10 companies along the year

7.1 A general overview

7.2 The ranking in perspective

8. Industry Journal

An overview of the activity of the industry along the course of 2017 until today, showing the main highlights on standards and government affairs, new businesses, mergers and acquisitions and other noteworthy news

9. Survey data

Notes on methodology, followed by the global, regional and national figures, growth rates and spend by clients, methods and project types, followed by overall data on GDP growth, and exchange and inflation rates.

9.1 Methodology

9.2 Turnover, growth and per capita data

9.3 Sources of research turnover

9.4 Spend by research method and design

9.5 Five-year trend

9.6 GDP Growth Rates 2013-2017

9.7 Average exchange rates

9.8 Inflation rates 2013-2017


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