QUAL360 "Two days of powerful ‘ah-has’ that made me truly appreciate what I do"

Was erwartet die Teilnehmenden der QUAL360 im April 2022? Veranstalter Jens Cornelissen vom Merlien Institute verrät im Interview, was das Event außergewöhnlich macht und auf welche Redner und Rednerinnen er sich besonders freut.

There will be many different speakers at Qual360 Europe. To get a small impression: What topics does the program cover and what will be the main focus of the program?

Jens Cornelissen: Our theme for 2022 is “Empowering Research Through Emotions” but in fact the programme for Qual360 reaches beyond that. We cover business strategy, how qual fits into the overall corporate framework, look at innovative methodologies and technologies and of course have a look at the ever growing digital side of qualitative research. Topics like diversity and inclusivity are also covered.

Adidas, Philipps, Bose, Microsoft… - Which speaker are you particularly looking forward to?

Jens Cornelissen: It is really hard to pick out an individual presenter and we will have over a dozen case studies from different end-clients. I think one important topic I would like to highlight is Inclusivity Research by Steve Hill from Jaguar Land Rover. You don’t often hear it talked about and Steve has been leading the conversation around this topic for years. 

What makes Qual360 special? What program items can participants look forward to in addition to classic lectures?

Jens Cornelissen: We know that our audience loves to get involved and engage in the discussions. So we plan for ample question and answer sessions after each presentation. We also added some additional panel discussions and one to one discussions to shake things up a little. Of course we also plan for a bit of fun at our networking drinks at the end of the first conference day.

Qual360 is all about emotions, getting together and personal exchange. How will you ensure that the participants are safe in times of Corona?

Jens Cornelissen: We are of course adhering to the latest local regulations and guidelines for indoor meetings. On top of that we have developed our own “Meet Safe” policy and are working with our venue partners to ensure the highest level of safety for all participants. Participants can also approach us ahead of the conference with special requests and needs. 

Qual360 is all about personal interaction, our entire concept and set-up is build as a contrast to large scale, anonymous exhibitions. This ensures everyone can meet each other over the span of two days, wether it is with a warm welcome hug or over a 1,5m personal distance.  

Who should not miss the Qual360?

Jens Cornelissen: For more than 10 years now Qual360 has been a growing community. Many of our participants come back year after year and the networking aspect is particularly strong here. At our US conference last month we even had participants from Europe flying in because they could not wait to network face to face again. Delegates join Qual360 to learn, be inspired but also be re-assured that they are not alone in their daily struggle. As one of our US participants put it “Two days of powerful ‘ah-has’ that made me truly appreciate what I do.”

So at Qual360 Europe we are truly bringing together the European, but also increasingly global qualitative community. 

Register now for the Qualitative 360 Research Summit 2022 in April.

We are all thirsty for personal contact after the long Corona time. Are there any special formats in the agenda for getting back in touch?

Jens Cornelissen: We support networking by facilitating what we call “interest matching". Delegates can tell us in advance what topic, technology or method they are interested in and we will match them with likeminded participants. The set-up and size of the conference also ensures that networking and meeting each other is easy, with plenty of break times in between the different agenda points. And of course not to forget our networking reception at the end of day1. 

For those who rather still network digitally we are offering our community app - and also access to the conference via live stream.

Über Jens Cornelissen

Jens Cornelissen is the Managing Director of Merlien Institute, a specialised events and publishing company with a mission to efficiently respond to the information and networking needs of insight, marketing research and innovation professionals. Established in 2008, Merlien runs the Qual360, MRMW and UX360 series across Europe, North America and Asia.  

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