Interview mit Olena Zhytnyk, CMO Factum Group “This is war”

Der Krieg in der Ukraine erschüttert die Welt. Die Factum Group ist ein Full-Service-Marktforschungsinstitut mit Sitz in der Hauptstadt der Ukraine, Kyiv. Die Ukrainerin Olena Zhytnyk ist CMO der Factum Gruppe. Obgleich sie selbst aktuell in Utrecht lebt, steht sie in engem Austausch mit ihren Kollegen und Mitarbeiter in Kyiv. Wie ist die Situation vor Ort?

Die Ukrainerin Natali Sevriukova vor den Trümmern ihres Hauses in Kyiv, Ukraine, das am 25. Februar zerstört wurde. (Bild: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS | Emilio Morenatti)

What is your personal connection to Ukraine?

Olena Zhytnyk: I was born in Ukraine and currently work for the Ukrainian based Factum Group.

You are CMO for the Factum Group, which is based in Kiev. What kind of market research does the Factum Group normally conduct? How many colleagues work for Factum in Ukraine?

Olena Zhytnyk: Factum’s specialization is full-service marketing research, including qual / quant surveys, UI-UX and many other research services and solutions. It’s one of the national industry leaders. Another company of the Group, Opinion, runs the largest access panel in Ukraine whose respondents are verified offline. We have up to 100 employees in our teams in Ukraine, not counting freelancers and interviewers.

How is the situation like for your colleagues on the ground?

Olena Zhytnyk: This is war.

A kind of war you can find in the books but hardly can imagine in the current civilized world.

It is a barbaric invasion of Russia, unjustified and cynic, aiming at the destruction of one of the largest nations in Europe. Cities all over Ukraine are being bombed only because the nation does not want to surrender to the enemy who invaded the country.

However, the people are showing unprecedented courage and strong spirit. Many are praying and try to support each other. Ukrainian soldiers are bravely fighting and civilians stand along with them, blocking Russian tanks with their cars or fighting even unarmed. Understanding that the whole word stays aside and quietly watches…

Is it currently possible to think about carrying out market research projects in Ukraine at all?

Olena Zhytnyk: It is possible to think, yes. The infrastructure for the research is still existing. But what should be the topic of such research?

How can we currently support people in Ukraine from the outside?

Olena Zhytnyk: The civilized world can do a lot! Send the UN peacemakers, donate to Ukrainian army, organize support for those who have to flee - though the absolute majority stays in Ukraine! Make noise and stimulate the governments worldwide to take urgent actions to stop the bloodshed that is happening now.

About Olena Zhytnyk

Olena Zhytnyk, CMO Factum Group

PhD in Psychology, MBA Top Manager of MarTech company Digitum provider of IT & UI-UX solutions in digital marketing. CMO Factum Group. Experienced in full cycle marketing research, strategic marketing for B2B service firms, and international project manager. Guest speaker at NIMA programs.


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