Interview mit greenbook Managing Director Lukas Pospichal “The IIeX Europe 2018 exceeded our expectations”

Nach einem fulminanten Start am ersten Kongresstag ging es am Dienstag weiter mit spannenden Vorträgen und Diskussionen. Wir sprachen mit GreenBook Managing Director Lukas Pospichal über die diesjährige IIeX und darüber, warum kein Insights Professional sich das Event entgehen lassen sollte.

Lukas Pospichal, GreenBook (Bild: GreenBook)

Lukas Pospichal, GreenBook (Bild: GreenBook) Lukas, does the IIeX Europe 2018 meet your expectations?

Pospichal:  Yes it does. Actually it exceeds our expectations. We thought we had a very successful event last year and the plan was we would like to do as well and provide a good experience as last year to our attendees. But it seems like we exceeded the expectations in terms of number of exhibitors, number of attendees but also the anecdotal feedback, the quality of feedback we are receiving so far. What kind of feedback are you receiving so far?

Pospichal: Very good quality of presentations, good variety, also obviously the big buzzwords of the day Artificial Intelligence, Automation. That’s what people would expect to hear about a lot in this conference  -and they do! Why did you choose Amsterdam as an event location again?

Pospichal: Because it is very practical and it is a nice destination. Amsterdam is centrally located, easy airport not as expensive as London and it is a wonderful place that people like to come back to. So I guess, the next event will take place in Amsterdam as well? 

Pospichal: Yes! How was it that you came up with the idea of IIeX Europe? 

Pospichal: The very first IIeX event was in Brazil, São Paulo, 5 years ago. IIeX is really the brain child of Lenny Murphy, the chief editor and consultant of greenbook. The idea was to bring together everything around the topics of innovation, technology – the future of the insights industry. He thought an event platform such as IIeX would be just the perfect way of doing it. After experimenting inside America and then in the United States our business started. What is different this year compared to last the last IIeX Europe?

Pospichal: Honestly it is hard to say yet. To answer that question with little more depth, I think we would need to see the results of the post-event survey. Again, the feedback that we are getting from conversations is  very good. There are always issues and suggestions that are coming up in the post-event survey so I guess to answer more fully we will need to wait for that. Why should everyone come here to attend IIeX Europe?

Pospichal: Well, it is one event. If you are an insights professional who cares about your profession, who cares about your own career and ability to do a great job for your organization and yet there is only one event a year you can come to I would strongly argue that that event would be IIeX. Because here is where you see where the industry is going. You are not looking back, you are looking into the future, your looking into the next one, two years - sometimes even further in the future and you meet people that you can network with, talk to, exchange ideas and exchange feedback. Compare knowledge in terms of where the industry is going and what that means for you and for your organization. Thank you!


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