Interview zum Web-Seminar mit Cint "Combining the what with the why”

"The Beauty of Connected Data – Get better insights into your brand’s target audiences" so lautet der Titel des Web-Seminars von Cint auf der WdM. Der CIO von Cint, Oscar Carlsson, im Interview mit über die Besonderheiten des Cint- Ansatzes, die Effekte des IPO auf Cint und die Frage, wo er als Chief Innovation Officer Inspirationen und neue Ideen findet.

"Combining the what with the why" - Interview mit Oscar Carlsson, CIO von Cint

The Cint platform is used by various other market research agencies such as GfK or NPD. What makes the Cint platform better than other solutions on the market?

Oscar Carlsson: Cint is supply agnostic and truly global, with the world’s largest sample exchange of 155 million respondents in 130 countries.  We were founded in Europe, with our headquarters in Stockholm, and now have 14 offices in regions all around the world. Our strong foundation outside the U.S. has been a huge differentiator for us, and we have unrivalled international reach.

In addition, our longevity in the industry for over 20 years means that we can offer a mix of supply from traditional DOI invitation panels to more dynamic suppliers offering a mix of quality, recontactability and reach.

Also being agnostic means we can offer our customers the variation of utilizing own supply effectively, building private marketplaces or accessing the open exchange. This means that they can quickly achieve complex sample configurations for any project by combining sample from all their most essential supply sources in one place.

You present the Connect by Cint™ solution in the web seminar. What is behind it?

Oscar Carlsson:

We see an increased demand from our customers to offer a greater context behind their insights by combining the what with the why.

Combining behavioral data with survey data in a scalable way and also staying compliant is not as easy as it sounds. I will be talking about some of the challenges and the possibilities and experiences from other customers that have already taken this step. In addition, I will be demonstrating how our solution, Connect by Cint, meets some of the challenges surrounding combining data head-on through proprietary technology. In short, the solution gives our clients the ability to validate and track audiences to gauge advertising effectiveness and empower smarter, more proactive spending decisions in real-time. A good example on this would be our story with Zappi AdPulse.

You are now Chief Innovation Officer at Cint, having previously worked for Cint in various management positions. Where do you as CIO get your inspiration for new products?

Oscar Carlsson: My main inspiration has always been to solve customer need through technology. What that technology may be at any given moment is secondary - this changes over time. I’ve found that, historically, other industries tend to be earlier in adopting new technologies than the insights industry so it is always good to look outside our space for inspiration.

For example, with the recent disruption in the adtech market, and with the rise of actual useful applications of AI, there are a lot of interesting new capabilities that can be practically applied to the insights space.

Melden Sie sich jetzt für das Web-Seminar mit Oscar Carlsson am 4. Oktober, um 13h, an!

Which technology trends will influence the insights industry most in the coming years?

Oscar Carlsson: I would say AI and further digitalization.

Cint went public in February 2021 - in the midst of the Corona pandemic. The share price has developed positively since then. What has changed in the company since February?

Oscar Carlsson: When the pandemic first hit, I think all companies – no matter the industry - were unsure about what the future would hold. Now over a year in, I definitely see that an investment in digitalization has been wise. Things are happening faster than ever, and digitalizing tasks to increase speed has proven to be critical to success.

Cint went public at the ideal time. Since then, we have seen heightened interest and validation surrounding the company and our offering. Also, being public helps to boost creditability among certain audiences, and some have fewer worries in adopting our solutions.

As we have always run the company on a solid foundation there have not been any significant operational changes internally since our IPO.

Who should definitely not miss your web seminar?

Oscar Carlsson: Insights professionals and brand-side researchers that want to understand their audiences, in context, with more holistic insights. We know that insights professionals are already getting questions from stakeholders surrounding how to measure advertising post-cookie deprecation, and how to add further contextual data to their insights. I’ll be covering scalable, repeatable and compliant solutions that can effectively and efficiently connect the right data to accomplish their goals. Anyone who wants to future-proof their approach to holistic consumer insights should attend!

Melden Sie sich jetzt für das Web-Seminar mit Oscar Carlsson am 4. Oktober, um 13h, an!

About Oscar Carlsson

Oscar Carlsson joined Cint in 2000 from Ericsson to take responsibility of Cint’s technology and development and later went on to be one of the founders of Cint’s unique platform, products and technology. During his time with Cint he has been responsible for product, technology, operations and business development as well as setting up Cint’s US operation in 2008 before 2017 taking the role as Chief Innovation Officer. Oscar acts as a thought leader in the industry in Market Research Technology and Mar-tech presenting and participating in various organization including ESOMAR, Insights Association, FIPP, Research & Result and SampleCon. Based out of San Francisco splitting his time with HQ in Sweden. In Silicon Valley, Oscar continues to bring innovation to Cint and its clients by finding new partnerships and launching new product concepts to ensure Cint’s continued leadership in the Mar-tech space and ensure Cint’s partners have a future proof solution and stay on top of the latest trends.

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