Rebranding: Aus Questback wird Tivian XI "At Tivian, we aim to reinvent the XM category"

What is the background behind the rebranding? How did the logo come about and how does Tivian XI want to position itself in the future, e.g. in comparison to Qualtrics, Confirmit and InMoment? In an interview with, Frank Møllerop, CEO at Tivian XI, explains how the new brand name came about and what the future brand strategy will look like.

Frank-Møllerop: "At Tivian, we aim to reinvent the XM categor" (Bild: Tivian XI)

The name Tivian already has a history for Questback, as Tivian was the spin-off for enterprise surveys. Does the return to the name Tivian go hand in hand with a return to the focus on the field of EX?

Frank Møllerop: We've always believed that engaged employees drive satisfied customers. With Questback, we have 20 years of experience in collecting, understanding experience data for both employees and customers. We are now fine-tuning where we are heading which is solely focusing on the enterprise market. Tivian XI remains focused on helping organizations improve their employee experience, as well customer experience, as a first step towards increasing corporate effectiveness. In addition, our business model also covers a designated offering for market research.

Why have you decided to rebrand now?

Frank Møllerop: We decided to focus all our energy on the enterprise market and consolidate our effort to better support a key target audience. Today, organizations understand how important customer and employee insights are to business success, and they have embraced traditional experience management (XM). But we believe XM doesn't go far enough - it focuses on collecting data rather than taking real-time actions and decisions based on that insight. At Tivian, we aim to reinvent the XM category and evolve it into something more dynamic and powerful called Intelligent Experience Management (XI). Going forward, we will focus on employee intelligence, customer intelligence, and governance, risk, and compliance solutions, such as our whistleblowing solution.

How did the new/old brand name come about?

Frank Møllerop: We have had several domain/company names under our umbrella over the years. We decided to make the Tivian name our preferred name after an internal evaluation process.

How did the logo come about? Why the bracket around TIVIAN?

Frank Møllerop: We view the brackets as a doorway into worlds, into your world, into our customer's world. Taking a snapshot of moment and experience data to help our customers find opportunities. The brackets symbolize a mathematical equation used when you solve complex problems. Experience data gathering and analysis are about solving complex problems and improving experiences to drive better performance. It is the master device that holds multiple sub equations, products, and data sets together. At Tivian, we strive to solve those complex problems whenever we can by connecting you with your employees, customers, and target market.

How do you currently perceive the market for feedback management systems? How does Tivian want to position itself in the future, e.g., in comparison to Qualtrics, Confirmit and InMoment?

Frank Møllerop: We view the current market for feedback or experience management systems as passive and reactive and in need of reimagination to drive better corporate performance. Tivian's proactive intelligent experience management approach enables companies to close the loop, providing the power to increase corporate effectiveness through its unique combination of technology, AI, vision, and people.

What steps will go hand in hand with the rebranding? What changes are there e.g., in the product portfolio?

Frank Møllerop: Previously, we had two quite different technologies under one umbrella with Questback. With the split from Questback, we are building Tivian around our industry-leading enterprise experience platform (EFS). We are also expanding our offering portfolio to include our GRC suite of products, such as whistleblowing, ESG, conflict of interest, and diversity and inclusion products. We believe that the new structure allows Tivian to expand innovation, particularly in AI and predictive analytics.

What is the focus of the future brand strategy?

Frank Møllerop: With Tivian, we plan to harness and incorporate the latest in cutting-edge emerging technology, including AI and predictive analysis, to collect, analyze, and interpret data, delivering actionable solutions to improve employee and customer experiences. Our forward-looking approach unlocks tremendous competitive advantage and opens up an entirely new, growing market for us.

What does the campaign for the introduction of the new name will look like internationally?

Frank Møllerop: We are still fine-tuning plans. We will continue to support our more than 400 customers in 35 countries with the same level of care and support that they are accustomed to from our offices in New York, Houston, London, Berlin, Oslo, and Cologne.

About the interview partner

Frank Møllerop, CEO bei Tivian (Bild: Tivian)
Frank Møllerop is a seasoned executive with a history of bringing innovation, intelligence, and actionable insight to enterprises worldwide. With more than 400 customers in 35 countries, including one-third of FTSE companies, Frank oversees Tivian's enterprise feedback management solutions, enabling organizations to gather insight from their employees and customers and take action to drive corporate effectiveness.

Joining Tivian XI on the foundation of a distinguished career, Frank was previously an executive at SAS, the global leader in business analytics. Under his leadership, SAS received the prestigious "Great Place to Work" award; simultaneously, Frank was named "IT executive of the year" and received the Rosing Award. Previously at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Frank's expertise lies in analytics, business intelligence, and innovative technology, transforming insight into business results.

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