Adele Gritten - Future Thinking Group

Adele Gritten ist Director of Key Accounts bei der Future Thinking Group. Zuvor war sie Vice President bei Lieberman Research Worldwide. Davor bekleidete sie die Position der UK Commercial Director bei YouGov.

Kolumne von Adele Gritten

TTM: A useful model for marketing research?

02.08.2016 - Behavioural Economics in marketing research is everywhere now. But many clients frequently need help to make sense of it all. What are they supposed to do with behavioural economics outputs? Too much… weiterlesen

Adele Gritten, Future Thinking

A Brexit post-mortem from the perspective of behavioural economics. What went wrong?

30.06.2016 - As a UK citizen, I could not ignore writing a column this month that in some part acknowledged the historic decision that the people of the UK have just made: the decision to leave the EU. It was a… weiterlesen

Kolumne von Adele Gritten

The client-agency relationship needs a little TLC

05.04.2016 - I spoke in an MRS Fringe panel session at the annual MRS conference in the UK this month. As someone who has been working in MR for almost 20 years, the first 10 years client side and… weiterlesen


The polymath versus the specialist: The role of talent in our post-digital research world

01.03.2016 - By Adele GrittenSpeaking on a UK panel about the future of media research this week, one of the questions I was asked to ponder was about the role of talent in research. Where is the… weiterlesen

Kolumne von Adele Gritten

Innovation failure at the late phase-gate

01.02.2016 - Despite working in a fast paced, tech-dominated research era, indeed, despite my job entailing advising many media and tech clients on how to develop innovative products for… weiterlesen

Interview mit Adele Gritten und Joan Cassidy (LRW)

Über Innovationen in der "so what?" Company

03.06.2015 - Im Interview mit Adele Gritten, Managing Director Europe, und Joan Cassidy, VP of Marketing, beide bei bei LRW | Lieberman Research Worldwide, sprach über die Rolle von Innovationen… weiterlesen

Behavioural Economics and Market Research

The Inexorable Intertwining of Two Disciplines

17.03.2015 - Von Adele Gritten, Managing Director, LRW Europe I started my career in market research 20 years ago. At that time, behavioural economics was, at best, confined to a basic… weiterlesen



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